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Irons in the Fire

Whew it's a busy day. Patient wise it's slow, but I'm doing a ton of marketing stuff. I finished making my second business website. It's 3 pages and I'm just waiting for Linux to let me know that they're setup on their end to upload it.

I want to start doing lectures to my patients again. In my second position where we dealt with more of family people it was a great way to get patients. The problem I've had with that model was paying for dinner for everyone. Talking it over with my business coach he suggested getting sponsors for the event that would want the contact with these people. Charge them $6 a person for show and get two of them and that will cover my cost for the dinner. So it would be nothing out of my pocket which I love. I was able to find a great restaurant to do it at. I never knew that they had a upstairs room for just such an occasion.

The pain with all of this is when I take a break to relax then my fragile eggshell brain starts. This makes it hard to truly relax. I do have game night tonight with the singles which will be a fun thing to get a laugh.

I did have something truly funny happen today. One of my female patients finished up treatment today. I told her if she has any problems just give me a call. She said she had a vibrator at home and would that help. You know I had a lot of comments for that, but none were appropriate.

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