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Saying Goodbye

I'm a bit confused right now. I think the massage therapist across the hall is closing up shop. I won't be surprised at that since she runs the business like a hobby. When I came in this morning she was carting everything out of her office. She didn't stop into say anything, although her sign is still on the door. I hate saying goodbye to people. Growing up we were constantly moving and saying goodbye to people was a normal thing. It sparks thoughts of major changes for me even when there are none. Actually her moving out makes it better for me since I can get all her massages for my therapists. My thoughts and feeling at the moment are irrational, but they usually are.

It's dead here in the office today. I'm cleaning and catching up on paperwork. I want to drop off my coupons today at some local businesses, but the sky just opened up. Hopefully it won't drive the humidity back up. It was so wonderful this morning with NO humidity.

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