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Sane Friends

Fragile Egg Shell Mind

Oye. 2 days without any medication is weird. No depression or anything like that, it's just the withdrawal from the medication. When my mind is not engaged I would say my brain feels like its made out of fragile crystal that would break if I moved it too fast. Not the greatest feeling even though its not strong. When I'm engaged in doing anything I don't feel it. I know most women won't understand this, but for a good portion of my day I try not to constantly use my mind. I just like to relax it so I stay relaxed. However for the moment it's not relaxed.

It was my usual slow Wednesday which was made slower by my first patient pulling a no show. Since I finished my marketing for next week I started my side business. I've designed a side business to service chiropractors, since I know the population, with PowerPoint presentations they can buy. I have a bunch of them since I always need a creative outlet and I make these. So I have a bunch lying around. Many of which I use. I know that all chiropractic marketing companies will say the #1 way to get new patients is doing lectures. However they sell them way over $100. I'm doing it for $80. I can keep my cost down by just emailing them the presentation instead of creating CD's. I'll keep production, postage and handling charges down to 0. So I've been organizing what I'll sell and I've spent a few hours tonight creating the website which I'll get running tomorrow. My hope is that it'll be a nice generator of money on the side to help me while I'm waiting for my insurance monies to come in.
Hiking with L went well tonight. It was the first time that it was fully sunny and hot. We've had so many times that it has just rained or threatening to. We stopped to talk to one woman with a puppy. She was attractive and was nice enough to keep showing her breasts off. However she made the husband comment and we moved on. L was being my wing person even though I wasn't looking for a date. The other thing that was interesting was the lesbian love fest at one end of the beach. I would say there was a group of 8 women. 2 were going at it hot and heavy under the umbrella while the rest sat around almost guarding it. It was almost surreal.

Tonight I met the new tenant and her son. Very nice people, but we'll see if they are as good as Enigma and her brood. When I get to know her better I'll give her a nickname. All I have right now is boob-shower-offer.

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If chiropractory uses positions like the one in your post, I'm in!

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