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A New Hope

I finally stopped by the tire place today to get the nail pulled from my tire. I've known its been there for at least a week. In my defense I've stopped several times, but the wait was just to long for me. Since it wasn't flat I pulled a Kramer and kept on driving. Anyhow I finally lucked out and got right in this morning. They said I needed new rear tires cause the could see the second layer of rubber. What ever that means? This reminds me of when I asked my friend Paul if seeing the metal through the tire was a bad thing. I'm not expecting any snow soon so the tires are going to have to wait.

The Comic stopped by today and brought me food and Starbucks. Yep I be loving that woman. Anyway after I treated her, I'm trying to keep her in top form so she can keep up with me, she came out while I dropped off my invites to the local MD's. Receptionist are so happy that you are just dropping stuff off and not trying to talk to them. I think it's even money if I'm getting out the door before it hits the garbage can, but hey I can hope. We'll see if I get any responses.

I had to text my ex for some more information so I can get Eric health insurance. Any guesses how long it will take this time to get a response?

On the home front, GI Joe has been breaking out all the stops at the grocery store. Sour cream and onion chips, some bread, and several boxes of Trisquits. I really got to laugh every time I open the pantry door.

4 people had cathartic therapy:

I'm so glad things appear to be going well with The Comic!


Sounds like things are going fairly well. Always a good thing.

Hope you get the text from your ex in a timely fashion. I won't hold my breath for ya though. ;)


Food and Starbucks? Oh yeah.....


The question is: What drink from Starbucks did she bring you? And how are you doing now that your local SB closed down. That makes me sad... ;)

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