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The Comic informed me last night that she does more with me than she's done with anyone.  I reminded her that's what I said in my profile.  I don't want to talk about doing stuff, I want to do it.  She wasn't complaining.  She was very happy and wish she knew someone like me when she was younger.  To my friends I'm the master of the cheap activity.  I may bristle at this even though they mean it as a compliment.  I know they go out with others and it can be a strain on their wallets.  You can go out with me all weekend long, have fun, see plenty, and not break the bank.  I'm trying to be more grateful for my ability to do this. 

When I was with Asp and Kitcat going out to do stuff was not happening.  It's a lifestyle I don't enjoy.  The funny thing is that I'm not a social butterfly, but I do enjoy enjoying life.  I didn't do it for most of my early adult life.  So now I'm making up for it.

A bit of codependency going on today.  One of the members of my business group dropped out.  He made a rational decision since he wasn't benefiting to much from it.  However he wasn't doing much to get anything.  I knew if he applied himself more it would work out, but that's not my responsibility.  I just have to remember that.  

Still silence from Eric.  

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I think it's awesome that you can do fun stuff and not spend a ton of money!

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