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Sane Friends

Witches and Warplanes

As it is becoming the norm it was a fun filled weekend with the Comic. She even joked that she was my comic relief. Saturday was one of a few days that she has come to the office with me while I treat a few patients. It's nice to hear from her how my patients sing my praises.
Afterwards we went to the Autumn Moon festival which was also known as the pagan pride festival. I guess everyone has to have pride day to themselves. It was a fun event and we got to look at all the stuff that was for sale. The Comic got a nice, knitted poncho.
The rest of the day was filled with working out at the gym and a thrift store. I did score Finding Nemo on dvd plus a nice Buddha statue. We were going to make tacos at the house, but after we decided on everything that was needed and what had to be done we decided on Taco Bell. It was easier, quicker, and cheaper. I was very happy with their new ranchero menu which replaces the cheese which I can't eat with ranchero topping. Yummy.
Yesterday we headed over to NAS Oceana to see the air show. It was lots of fun and enjoyable since I had chairs this year. Standing on the concrete in the blazing sun isn't fun. We got to see all different types of planes, from gliders, to prop planes. A great British parachute team. The Shockwave was also there. It's a truck with 3 jet engines slapped to it to make it go really fast. When it was belching fire and smoke, I was feeling like I was at a red neck cook out. However watching it zoom down the track at 345 mph was pretty impressive I have to admit. The best part of the show for me was watching the Raptor perform. The maneuverability of the jet was amazing. From almost 90 degree turns to tight high speed
The Comic and I did end of having a bit of a heart to heart yesterday. It wasn't planned and I don't even know how it came up. Mostly it covered her low self esteem and how it affects her. She brought it up and tried to motivate her to move in a better direction. The Comic will always say she is better when she is with me so I pointed out how that wasn't a inside change. I reminded her of how she was the week Eric was here and she had a lot of problems. I care about her very much, but I know this is our limiting factor. I inferred how it would affect us positively, but focused more on how her life would be better. Showing her examples which she agreed with. Now its just seeing what she does.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

Sounds like she's a real down-to-earth girl who is also fun-loving. You're sweet to inspire her the way you do.

I love the air show shots and the poncho is cool. I remember wearing one of those years ago in NY and loving it.


Great to see the Comic in the picture! Sounds like a fun weekend.


Sounds like my kind of weekend. Comic is a keeper for sure!

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