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Under The Bus

Well last night approximately 24 hours after doing my Mom's ashes I was hit by a bus.  Not a real one, but let me tell you the emotional one was just as bad.  I could have closed my eyes, curled up, and slept in the street.  It just felt like a hole opened up beneath me and sucked all my energy out of me.  It was really uncomfortable as you probably can imagine.  I decided to be good to myself and headed over to Panera for a quick dinner before heading home to relax. As usual, I don't like feeling helpless and last night was no exception.  I'm better today, but I do still feel the emotional hangover effects.  

As the Comic and I continue to grow closer and explore new frontiers.  I wonder how much or when to share with her certain things.  Marriage and childhood stuff has already been done.  However that I knew what and when to do from past relationships.  However I've never been in a relationship since my marriage long enough to wonder when I should start talking finances and money.  Any suggestions out there?

Since I no longer get together with my business coach I've signed up for the special that my state association has with one of the chiropractic business groups.  It was a inexpensive amount per month for the year.  I know after the year they will try to sign me up which will get them the same answer they got 4 years, no.  While their one seminar I did with them did help.  It wasn't worth the $1000 a month price tag for 2 years.  If I was looking to gouge people I would think about it, but it just doesn't balance out for me.   

4 people had cathartic therapy:

I'm so sorry that your emotions hit you so hard. Glad you're feeling better.

I'm really bad at relationship related talks, so I wish you the best of luck on that one. Sorry I'm not any help.


*Hugs* Sorry it hit you so hard.


It's so often the case that those emotions hit us when we least expect it. Glad Panera was there for you.


Losing my mom was easily the most difficult experience of my entire life. It gets easier but my best advice is that when you have those days where it just hits you hard, go with it. Allow yourself to feel grief, sadness, loss, anger, whatever it is. It took me a long time and therapy to learn that it was ok to do that and far more healthy than pretending that it doesn't happen.

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