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Sane Friends

The Night that Was

Last night I went out with the Comic to her friend's birthday bash at a hibachi place. I don't meet many of the Comic's friends since she is a bit ashamed of them. While she is okay with the birthday girl, it was her friends that are the problem. The birthday girl is one of those people who can't stand to be alone so always has friends with her. She collects them so there is always an abundance of them. The problem is that there is no cohesiveness to the group since everyone pretty much doesn't like the next. You gotta love it.

Now to add to the soup. The Comic was having horrible cramps so she was downing the sake to help with it. She didn't get drunk which I was happy for since I would of had a hard time with it. Like I told her I don't like my loved ones drinking and having their personality change. The Comic did change just being around these people. Her position is the court jester for the group. I was happy she didn't perform for the crowd, but she did act different than she did with me which was a bit unsettling.

The other ingredient in the dysfunctional night was that the owner and our chef had gotten stung by a sting ray in their fish tank. So he downed plenty of liquor, and given 4 medications including Vicodin for the pain. Yes get those knives and flames going. Actually he did a good show, although it took forever for him to start.

Last off I'm wondering if I should talk to Eric. I called him last night and he told me the phone was full of static and could we talk another time. Besides him calling me last Sunday, every time I've called him in the last few weeks has been met with some reason for us not to talk. It's really starting to bother me.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

It sounds like a pretty entertaining night, with the chef being stung by a stingray and girlfriends who don't like each other. At least it was a memorable birthday party.

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