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There's Something in my Pants

I had to share a stashed secret with my friend Paul this morning. I had realized that I hadn't shared it with anyone yet. It's never good for me to try and handle it by myself. I've seen what happens then before. Anyway I'll finish sharing it here to say goodbye to it. I thought I might already have a nickname for her, but I don't think so. However there are a lot of women there and I might have forgotten. Anyway I'll call her College girl. College girl and I went to school together hence the nickname. We use to hang out a lot. I was in a bad relationship and she was in a bad marriage. I wasn't going to cheat and I never pushed anything, but I always wanted to sleep with her. And the answer is just because. Over the years we've stayed in contact. She tracked me down years after we graduated. Asked me if I was married and when she found out I was she fell off the face of the earth again. Nowadays we both live in Virginia. Her in the west and me in the east. She comes out her every once in a while for family and vacations. We see each other at seminars occasionally and one of us is always seeing someone at the time. Over the last year she has canceled a few times in coming to the beach when we were both single for some reason or another.

So where is this going? Well I got an email from College girl the other day saying she's coming for a 3 day stay with a hotel at the oceanfront. A part of me was like "damn, I'm in a relationship." However that was a very small part. Mostly because I love the Comic and what we have and I know I only want sex with College girl which is a 20 year hold over. I made sure to mention that I was dating someone in my reply email. Hopefully we will see each other at the airshow this weekend since it would be good to see her. However anything beyond that I'm saying goodbye to.

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I have someone in my life like that, too. We went to high school together and he just moved back to Minnesota from Hawaii.

I'm so glad to here things are so well with you and the Comic.


Your are a good man and have a great relationship. I am glad that you are choosing the high road!

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