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The Spitting that Happened

I'm happy to say that Hurricane Earl just spitted on us. Being a seaside community, you can feel the frantic energy when a storm comes up the coast to possible wash us into the ocean or bay. I have to admit people fall into one of two categories. The first is your buying enough water to make a trek across the Sahara on foot. The other is you don't give a shit. I fall into the category 2. I would like to say that I'm realistic which I am, but in this instance I think its just a charmed life feeling.

After a few weeks on hiatus I ventured out to do my beach walk with L. With the coming storm it was interesting to see people working like ants down there to secure everything. After last November's northeaster which did millions of dollars of damage here, waterfront people aren't taking a chance. However there were plenty of asshats there. People playing with their little kids in the surf. One guy was setting up for para-sailing. They'll probably find him in NY later today.

The only good thing about the storm was that no one wanted to come in this morning so I'm home relaxing. I'll go in for the afternoon for a meeting and some patients. I did get to talk to GI Joe some more. He is a nice guy, but we're just two different people and connecting will be rough.

I have to admit the Comic is funny and makes me smile most of the day. I'm packing up to stay at her place tonight. One of the funnier things with her is the huge list of things that turn her on. Actually I would be hard pressed to make a list of turn offs. While most could understand the handcuffs. My scrub top is also a favorite as is my Marvin Gaye CD. I think I'll just close my eyes and randomly grab stuff and see what happens.

4 people had cathartic therapy:

I'm glad you're ok. The news makes it sound as if everyone is safe up there. YAY!

When Hurricane Rita hit Houston (right after Katrina so everyone was freaked out), 100+ people died. But only 7 died from the actual hurricane. Mostly everyone else died from the evacation chaos. People just need to be smart and stay out of trouble. :o(


We get tornadoes and I'm of the category 2 about them. :) I mean, it's not like there is any way you can know when and where they will hit (no matter what the weather folks try and tell you) so you might as well just keep doing what you are doing. At home, I mean. I'm not silly enough to be out driving around during one. *snort*


Glad Earl was minor and cause you no harm. Now if it would have been Danielle???


Sweet - I can believe it. People start to panic pretty fast.

Pink - No offense, but you can keep the tornadoes.

Danielle - It would have been a real bitch slap.

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