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Sane Friends

3 is a Magic Number

Well yesterday the Comic and I celebrated 3 months together. It's nice to know daily that things are rock solid between us. There is none of that mystery of not knowing where things are going. Also in the process I seem to have picked up a family which I find funny. It's like the Comic and I have been married for years the way her mother and sister treat me. The Comic says that not even her ex's picture graced the family home when she points out our picture there.

What was weird, was that at game night Saturday night
, photographer sat next to the Comic. Even though I only went out with the Photographer twice 2 years ago, it was still weird to see them joking and hugging like best buds. Even weirder is that they gelled together so well.

I finally got to talk to Eric. He called me back Friday after I had called him the second time. He was upset from misbehaving and didn't want to talk. It upset me to hear him that way. One to be powerless to do anything. The other I can't tell if its from some real thing he did or some crazy shit my ex is playing. Anyway we did get to talk yesterday about school and stuff which was fun. I asked about his student id, but he had no idea what it was. So I asked him to find out what it was so I can track his school work online which will be cool for me.

Working on staying positive today. I think not having a cushion in the bank anymore has given me a negative spin. Now when I start my car I'm expecting it to not work, Wine girl to be upset at me, etc. So I really had to reign it in this morning and get the ball spinning in the opposite direction. It's worked well today. Tomorrow is a new one.

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