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Man Up

Today was another outing to drop off invites. I didn't feel like doing it. I know it comes from a feeling of less than and a lot of "unsaid" shit in the back of my head. However I know action produces action which has been working for the office over the last week. So I did it. As always there is no problems since I'm just dropping the invite off. However I know I can build it up in my head. Shah asked if I was going to follow up with the doctors. I had to laugh. I'd have better luck getting Obama on the phone than any of them.

Today has also been manning up getting answers over the phone for many things. The Comic offered to do it for me, but like I told her. It was my responsibility to do it or suffer for not doing it. So first up was Verizon and where was my phone service since the guy was here Friday, couldn't do the job and said he would be back Monday. Come to find out the job was classified as finished. WTF? No service, no contract signed, no dice.

The other was my credit card processing people. I've been using the phone to authorize the credit cards. However no money has been making its way to my account. So I called to make sure it was working. Come to find out I need to keep my patients credit card numbers. Hmm I thought that was against the law. Anyway I'm going to need to track down 2 patients to get their numbers so I can get the money. Like I told the Comic today, "I have a penis and I'm not afraid to use it."

Getting a little disturbed with Eric. I called him again last night. He was very tired and didn't want to talk. I think like last year, getting back in the swing with school is kicking his butt. While I understand this I don't enjoy the pull away. However I hear this from most parents.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

And here I've been all this time thinking I was competent to handle things. Who knew that required a penis?


Secret - hey a penis comes in handy. At least I think so.

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