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Head in the Sand

The Comic seemed to have a fun time sleeping last night. I awoke to hear her tell someone to "kiss her ass" as she laughed. Both of us were a bit sad when I sad goodbye this morning since we won't see each other to Friday night. With work during the day I don't have much time to do my own stuff. It's not till I'm by myself that I realize how little time I have to myself these days. While I enjoy my time with the Comic, alone time is important to me. I lost myself in my marriage and I promised I would never do that again. Usually I spread the days out that we have off from each other, but with the holiday this week it just worked out this way.

I've been making more assertive choices with the business over the last few weeks. Most of it being less discounts for people since I can tell their one time wonders. Before I would take the little money, but I think it whittles me down on the inside which is something I don't want to be doing. I think I'll have to plan my discount times and non discount times to help with this. The rest has been fully grasping that I'm paying others for services for myself. I've got on my landlord about keeping our bathrooms clean and stocked which after I said something was done and taken care of in 2 days. The other is my office website which I've been emailing to have them fix for a few months. I just keep forgetting to follow up. Today being fed up with it I just called and had it done in an hour.

I hate confrontation so I have to admit I will usually avoid the higher levels of it if I can. However it's always a lesson for me when I have to do it since it does get the job done.

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So glad you recognize that you need time alone, but also glad the Comic is around too!

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