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Sane Friends

I Really Like Her

I laid next to the Comic last night in that last hour period before I would head on home.  Entangled in our limbs I realized that I really could go the distance with this woman.  It was a startling awareness.  The longest I've dated besides my ex was 4 months and the Comic and I are quickly coming up on that.  Not that I'm looking to find a ring anytime soon, but it was nice to know that I'm very happy with the way things are going.

The weekend was fun and packed as usual.  We spent 6 hours down at the Oceanfront Saturday attending the Neptune Festival.  Most of the time was looking at all the different arts and crafts.  I picked up a nice plaque for my wall which I'll have to take a picture for you.  The Comic did well with some nice jewelry and a frog for her car.  She loves the one I have in my car that hangs from the mirror.  So she wanted one too when she saw the artist on Saturday.  We never made it down to see the sand sculpture contest.  We got to see the pictures and they're impressive as ever.  We did get a chance to see some of the volleyball tournament.  Watching them you could see the difference between men and women.  The women were playing a very competitive game, but the men play in your face.  It's just testosterone fueled aggression. 

The Comic wants to hire me to get her out of the bed everyday since I do it effortlessly.  Hey my chiropractic training comes in handy in many ways.  She was tired and sore from all our walking in the heat Saturday.  However I wasn't missing out on the gym over the weekend.  So with a 1 and a 2 she was up and out of the bed.  Actually she was happy after we worked out since she was dreading it beforehand.  

Today was my annual physical, well actually biannual for me.  It's funny since they all say its been so long since they've seen me.  Sorry I just don't get sick, it's nothing personal.  My doctor always says, "I have to ask," before she asks if I want a flu shot or any other vaccinations.  Since I stopped taking them years ago I stopped getting sick.  Now its off to the dermatologist some time soon.  I have something on my arm.  We both said it wasn't cancer anything, but had no clue what it was.  

Tonight I'll try to contact Eric again.  Just trying to keep the contact with him so he doesn't completely close down.  I remember how it was when I was that age which is what I'll try to share with him.  He usually likes my stories of how I did stuff and remembers them well.  So I'm hoping it will work here. 

7 people had cathartic therapy:

You both found a good one. It's nice to know it really can happen.


Sounds like you have a good thing going with the Comic. She seems down to earth and cheerful...good qualities to find in anyone!

PS - I wouldn't mind hiring someone to help me out of bed as well...just for giggles. ;)



I'm so happy that you've found someone you're connecting with!


Long time no read. Very happy for you.


Thanks everyone. Welcome back Mary.


I'm so happy for you. Sounds like y'all are on a good pace and a great path.

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