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Sane Friends


Just finished all the stats for 2008 for the business. When I added all the information into the history of the practice I was really surprised by two pieces of information that I gleamed from the stats.
  1. That this was the 5th year I was in my own practice. Holy shit who knew.
  2. That divorce sucks. The 2 years that I dealt with my ex with divorce and child custody battles the business just flat lines. All the growth in the first year just disappears and doesn't come back till year 4. The difference in numbers is astonishing.

This year the office moved in a good direction. Not as far as I had expected, but made good strides. If I can increase the business the same amount in 2009 as I did this year I will be very happy.

As always when I put everything in order my life calms down. Facebook girl is still trying to impart that she only ever wanted to be friends with me. I was going to email back what she said while she was drunk, but I realized why fight just to be right. Anyway I'm happy that we're over.

With that taken care of I responded to Charming's email with a "just business as usual attitude" which helped focus my mind with her. With the right mindset I'll have no problem with her tomorrow.

My god the office looks barren. I took down all the Christmas decorations and since it's raining I haven't been over to my storage unit to get the winter decorations. Now I remember why I keep it decorated all year round.

I had some good news today. One of the bigger chiropractors in the area has moved his office further south in the city. As with any move you lose 25% of your patients. Two just came my way. So this week that will be my push for getting new patients. People that don't want to go the distance.

7 people had cathartic therapy:

Do you realize that the last several times I"ve read your blog, the ad is "meet married women" with bad photos?

Glad your business is, basically, looking up. Rain, eh. Just think, if you'd stayed in NY, it'd be a lot of snow!


Hi Mike,
All in all, things sound pretty good with your business so congratulations ... that's a lot more than a lot of folks can say these days. As for Facebook Girl, sounds like all's well that ends well.


Way to go, Mike! Things are looking up!


Yep, divorce sucks any way you look at it. The ex moved out of state back in 83 and it's been me and the kids ever since.

Good news on your new patients, hopefully you'll get as many more to keep your pockets full and your smile beaming!

Estela in South TX


- My friend is a chiropractor and he is struggling with his practice in this economy. I am glad that things are looking up for you in business, you deserve it.

- Sorry about the divorce. I've never even been married, but I have taken Family Law and have learned how to do a divorce. That class was an advertisement for not getting married. I don't know how people get married again after divorcing the first time.


P.S: I knew I forgot to comment on Facebook girl. All I gotta say is good riddance ! The only reason she is arguing with you is because she is just mad that you broke the news to her first, especially after she pounced on you.

Also, Charming may be hot, but I don't like her personality. I don't like the way she just blew you off and now decides to reconnect. But the fact that it is hard for you to get over her kinda reinforces that men want what they can't have. And many women are also the same.


What a cool start to the new year!

And everything does look bleak once the decorations are down! I am putting off taking ours down!

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