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Okay before I get to my post date report. I have to say that I can't believe that some of the Singles members are so damn cheap. As you probably know that membership is $5 a year. It's due when you join and every February. I have someone complaining that they paid it July, they actually had the date, and wondering why they have to pay again. Drat them figuring out my dastardly plan to skim $5 of everyone for my retirement fund. People it's 5 fucking dollars! I swear sometimes you think they were investing their life savings.

Anyway I met Navy girl for sushi and she gave me the handshake. Not a great beginning. She's a bit of a picky sushi eater, but we found a few things she would like. As always Sakura's kicked ass and the food was awesome. Conversation was okay, but fun.

Afterwards I suggested Starbucks and a game of Lifestories. I ordered my no water, soy, chai latte and Navy girl wanted to try one too. So they ringed it up and it's like $4. I tell her I ordered 2 and she says she knows. They're on sale. WTF? Know one told me Starbucks has sales on their lattes. If I knew that I would have bought so many lattes I would have been going into seizures from all the caffeine.

Anyway back to the story. Playing Lifestories really made the conversation shine. While our activities have very little overlap our life beliefs and philosophies really matched. I was really surprised at how much. So we bonded very well then. Navy girl was only up for one game since she gets up so early in the morning. We hugged, waved, and honked at each other. I really had no idea what she was thinking, but I had fun and decided to ask her out again.

She said she wanted to be friends since she didn't want to date now. Navy girl is a big golfer and the first person to create an interest to play in me. So we'll probably go to the driving range when the weather gets better. All and all I'm happy with the outcome. While I would have enjoyed dating Navy girl, being friends will be enjoyable too.

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Great ... glad to hear you clicked with Navy Girl. As for the cheapos in your singles group, give me a break. Grousing over a $5 annual fee?? Who needs that type of member, anyway?


Marty said it well.
Friends can be a good thing.
Have a good weekend, Mike.


You know, I think charging the $5 is the best thing you could do. Because you wouldn't want people in your group that are too cheap anyway. Especially in a dating group. The $5 is a good way to weed out all the cheap skates.

A hand shake is not necessarily a bad sign. I think that you may have a good chance with Navy Girl.

IMHO, if it were to happen so fast like your dates with the other girls have happened, it probably wouldn't mean as much.

So I think it's good that she is taking her time. I think that she is kind of feeling you out. After all, she did meet you one-on-one for a date.

I think you just need to sit back and enjoy the friendship and let it morph into a relationship if it's meant to be.


I have no idea how I landed here, but as someone whose been married for their entire life, I think I'll stick around and read how the other half lives. Carry on...


friends... good start
maybe she likes the chase and then counter acts it with an "I know"...keep blogging along buddy...
Go Steelers! ( you know I couldn't resist that ) oxoxo


SO, cool, she knows something about what she wants AND can articulate it! And, that works for you, too......... gee, that extra $5. would have bought you both another round of soy chai latte's plus tip, guess they didn't wish to do that ;) Just kidding -- your group seems realistic. And, if just a reminder that everyone $5. is due again in February, should have had the person nod, oh, okay, if he thought it wasn't due until July again. Sheesz. One "social networking" group I was in (apparently until today) was so stuck up w/ their petty rules, it was crazy......... ah, well, I am really not compatible w/ women who refer to themselves as chic's and not only know what a mani-pedi is, but desire having them, in groups. (I didn't attend those.)


LOL @ looking for the Macho Woman in this post and ready to dance to the YMCA... LOL @ keep it in your pants. You always move too quickly with the women in your life and get stuck with nothing.

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