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A Little Less Fun

Getting a red flag with Fun girl. I had asked her out for Sunday and she said she would get back to me. She did text me that it wasn't good, but she would call me later if that was okay. NP. I texted her back if last night was good. She responded that she was already going out with her daughter. Again np. I texted her to give me a call or let me know when it was good to call her. Then silence. In this age of technology there is no reason for no response. If she didn't say anything about calling me I wouldn't care. So I'll wait and see what happens. I made the last contact.

The week has become busy otherwise with the singles. I'm happy to make time for Fun girl, but I need to have certain things happen to start to make the room. Until then I don't like to give up my healthy lifestyle. I've done it in the past and I've made a promise not to do it again.

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Hi Mike,
Sounds like you have the right attitude about "fun girl": If it happens, it happens; if it doesn't, it doesn't. Personally, I think her "watch-for-me-in-my-Mercedes" comment at the outset was a bit of a red flag. I like nice cars, too, but that shouldn't mean you flaunt your possessions as if your world revolves around them. I hope I'm wrong and that she really is just a "fun girl!"


she is superficial....wants you to do the chasing... leave the ball in her court...then call a time out! have a good one...


Ditto on what Angie said.

Estela in South TX


Agreed with the others, sounds healthy to me that you are keeping your options open.

And yes, in this age of technology, there really is no valid excuse for lack of response!


I do think you overread these things sometimes. She did get back to you, right, that it ends up she is still going out w/ her daughter.......... so, eh, life goes on. If the two of you can meet up, great, if not, hey, as you say, NP. Maybe she turned off her phone to stay connected w/ her daughter. The tit for tat as to who got in touch with whom last, to me, is just petty. If she's avoiding, that's one thing, but I'm not reading that about her, yet. You both have the right to stay w/ your own health relationships, and glad to see that both of you are doing so.

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