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Monday Conversation

No complaints, but Mondays have been busy since the holidays started. If my first patient didn't blow me off it would have been a record set today. I was surprised since she's been really good. Hopefully the next 2 days will improve since right now they are pretty barren.

I was happy to hear during my visit to OVDC that she got engaged over the last week. She's been very happy with her BF and we had been expecting it. On my side I regaled her with my dating tales. She did point out that I did the dumping on my last two girls and that I seem to be getting more discriminating.
  • ME - I'm going to try and cool my dating heels.
  • OVDC - Didn't you say that a month ago.
  • ME - That's why I didn't swear or promise this time

So we'll see how long I make it. No promises.

5 people had cathartic therapy:

Be discriminating, because it means you're selective not prejudiced.


Maybe its not discrimination - just having a better idea of what you want?


heh-heh :)

be discriminating and enjoy it !


Hi Mike,
Hmmm ... it almost sounds like you're feeling some peer (?) pressure to "slow down." I say, do whatever feels right ... whether that means "slowing down" or not.


Laura may be right. THEN you can do as Marty's saying. Grabbing onto every date offered to you isn't really going to have you be happy, of course. May this new year be a good one for you!

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