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The List

Well Estela commented that inquiring minds wanted to know my list of what I was looking for and not in a woman. I did have to LMAO at the nice tits and big ass comment. I have to admit I might have to add a nice ass into my list. Anyway this list concept comes from the Seductress Within. Check them both out for good reading. Anyway here it is:

Qualities I Must Have

  1. Physical - you know the whole touch thing
  2. Assertive
  3. Communicative
  4. Athletic
  5. Have a life - a healthy emotional person has a healthy social life
  6. Optimistic

Qualities I wouldn't touch with someone else's stick

  1. Smoker
  2. Chaos in their lives - there's a reason it's there and I don't want it
  3. Kids younger than Eric
  4. Manipulative
  5. Pessimistic
  6. Sickly

Important Qualities that I Adore

  1. Goal oriented
  2. Sexual
  3. Reader
  4. Cook
  5. Nurturing
  6. Creative
  7. Nice ass - last minute change - hey it's my list :P
  8. Sense of humor
  9. Animal lover
  10. Spiritual

Looking at all my past relationships made making the list easier since I remembered what I didn't like and what I wanted. Now I just have to remember it all when I'm out there. How about you what's your list like?

8 people had cathartic therapy:

I will make it my goal to work on a list... why not... this is the year of big changes : )


Since you showed me yours, I'll show you mine......

Must Haves
1.) His own life, interests of his own, something he is passionate about.
2.) Intelligent, at least the same education that I have
3.) I love broad shoulders, and a nice defined chest
4.) Manly. It's a broad statement. But I find that I prefer men that don't wax, are into sports, and dislike chick flicks.

Things I Don't Want

1.) Men with children. (Only because I can offer the same. I tried it a couple of times, and there is ex-wife/gf drama involved, plus they like to tell me how I wouldn't understand because I'm not a mom)

2.) Ex wife/gf drama. No way. I don't care how "psycho" he says she is, there is always another side to the story.

3.) Men that are still married or say that they're separated or "thinking about leaving."

4.) Men that expect me to make all the moves and do all the chasing.


ight now my list would be : nice to me, physically healthy, honest with himself and others, has integrity, is reliable, repsonsible, shares my lifestyle, loyal, monogamous, has a gorgeous dick and is great in bed for me. Well, you ASKED :)


So I was looking at my own journal, and the sidebar where I have journals I follow and all I could see was a picture of an ass..from your journal.

So now, I have a nice piece of ass on my journal.............(grin)

Good qualities, good qualities.
Happy New Year to you


Those are great lists Mike. Refer to them often when you begin dating someone new. It will help prevent wasting time with someone you have a strong attraction to but is totally wrong for you.

Have fun!


Must have: honesty, can communicate, assertive, passionate,optimistic
Don't want: smoker, drama,bossy( in the bed is okay), arrogant natured, unsure what to do in bed...
Adoring qualities: sexually confident and has the muscle to back it, educated, sense of humor, friendly, kind hearted and can I mention the muscle to back it again??!!


That's quite the babe in the picture. More intriguing however is your list. It's something I can relate to. (the list not the babe!)
;) Ada

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