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Sane Friends

It's Not Personal, It's Just Business

I let the ax fall yesterday since I didn't feel like using my weekend time to get rid of deadbeats from the Singles site. I removed about 50-60 people. As always the emails start flying afterwards. What's interesting is how personal people take it. This is the letter.

Dear Hampton Roads Singles:

Since we have not received your annual $5 membership fee we are terminating your account with us. If you would like to rejoin our group, please pay the $5 fee to Paypal account

Once that is done please reapply for approval.


What's even funnier is people have asked me if they still owe and they haven't paid. I get I'm good for it, I would have paid if it was a problem, etc. People if this is the way you handle your finances you got bigger troubles than me removing you for not paying $5. It's hardest with people that I'm friendly with, but I'm not the one putting me in the awkward situation. As always the boundaries will make the group stronger. I think this is what the group feels when they say I do a really great job with the group. I do send a message with how I run things. It's gets a rid a lot of the crap that accumulates in any group.

4 people had cathartic therapy:

Hi Mike, Good for you ... definitely the right move.


Always good to get rid of the deadbeats.


As long as you send a reminder note or somehow remind them beforehand, it shouldn't be a problem. Now, taking the time to reapply would likely waste everyone's time if someone just didn't get it in the mail quickly enough or something, but putting someone on suspension instead of just deleting him or her, may not be worth your time. It's your decision, ultimately. When was it due, and how much leeway, and a reminder out, then sheesz people.

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