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What Monday Brings

For some reason I've been having problem with my AOL, but only in my office. I can open it find through Internet Explorer and outside the office there is no problem. I reinstalled it last week, but the problem is back today. So I upgraded to AOL 10.something or another. Very futuristic if it ever finishes transferring all my data from my last AOL.

I believe I told you that Inverse who know lives with us is a 25 year old hottie. Did I forget to tell you she's also an ex-stripper? Between my Landlord and her I got to know a bit about her. The usual broken life I've come to associate with the people my Landlord chooses to help. I gave her one of my jackets this morning to use since she doesn't have one. She keeps her daughter well cared for, but is doing without for herself. I don't see any problems. She might take a while to warm up or that just maybe the way she is. I'll see.

I'm liking having everything scheduled at work. My business coach had me knock it up a few levels last week and I have to admit it's pretty freeing. I awoke this morning very tired. Since I knew my whole schedule for the day including paperwork time I knew I could sleep in and fit the gym in later. Very cool.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Oh wow, Inverse does sound like a hottie. Well, if your Landlord choses to help people with issues, he could definitely do worse. My classmate lives in an apt where the landlord rents to registered sex offenders.

It was nice of you to offer her your coat.

I imagine it may take a while for her to open up, given the nature of her former job.


There were years when I didn't eat 3 meals a day, years I didn't have a warm coat (my spring coat and sweaters tried to suffice), things like that -- while it's not as cold there as here or your former home in New York, she still needs a coat herself. Glad you could help out. And, yes, of course as a mom, she makes sure her child's cared for. Sounds like she'll be alright....... just interesting!

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