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Sane Friends

Dating Subplot

I talked to the Optometrist last night. It was a good reminder why I don't date that demographic. She told me she was divorced, but that is official 2/19. While I know she's not getting back with her ex. I could tell she was new to the dating world. She grilled my on all my dating history and why they ended. How I looked, what I did at the gym, etc. I felt like telling her there were no guarantees in life and that she was taking the fun part out of dating. I did enjoy talking to her, but anything more than a friendship would drive me nuts. She was also the first person to make me being comfortable being single a bad thing.

I played my subliminal CD all night long and I got a good night sleep finally. I'm tired today from my body relaxing, but I know I need to keep it up. A good reminder that if I don't talk about my problems, solutions will never show themselves.

Last night was the second time this week I've had a sexual dream about my ex. While we didn't have sex they felt sexual in nature. In some way I think they are finish business dreams. The first one she was just on my back and that was the first thing I thought of when I awoke. My ex was always on my back for something. Last night she was on my ass. The same analogy was drawn from it.

I'm looking forward to my date with Happy girl tomorrow. It will be the first time that I did an activity for a first date. I'll see how it goes. No expectations which is really good. I do like her philosophy that if not we can be friends which is great.

Still no one for Gran Torino Sunday with me. Getting a lot of "no's" though. Sunday is also the big day. The day I start kicking people out for non payment of dues. Monday I'll get the flood of payments and complaints. This week has been funny with all the letters from people I have no idea who they are until I open and see it's payment for the singles group.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Mike, if I lived closer, I would take you up on Sunday's date to see "Gran Torino". I absolutely LOVE Clint Eastwood.

Estela in sunny South TX


Sunday is the big date -- for the Superbowl. Not that I'm very concerned about who wins, but perhaps many in your group are busy with that, or would prefer another movie? It'd be interesting to know which. So, no grace period, no payment arrived Monday so you're still in, deal? LOL. :) Hey, it gets you mail, and probably a lot of $5 bills. Personally, I'd just wait until I saw you next in person, and hand it to you. To find an envelope, and go out and buy a stamp, just to send in a dues fee, honestly, I pay my dance fees in person, too, cuz mailing is too much a pain. Then again, they could RSVP that they'll see you Sunday, just to pay up...... :) Enjoy the movie, and your date. And, I think you're right about the optometrist.

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