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Tuesday Wrap Up

The snow storm of the century was suppose to hit us last night and continue into today. So I awoke, looked out my window, and what did my eyes see? Nothing as usual. It rarely snows here and when it does its the coming of the Apocalypse. So on my way to my meeting I wonder why the school is closed. Yes the schools all closed down because it was suppose to snow. No one saw a flake yet everything started closing down. Welcome to the South. Unfuckingbelievable. Half of my patients had to reschedule since their kids weren't in school. The day really turned sucky fast with that.

I called Navy girl tonight to set up our date. I figured we would be getting together over the weekend since she's a early riser being in the Navy, hence than name. However she suggested Friday night. I was hoping to do something, but she didn't like pool. Navy girl suggested bowling even though it wasn't a fav of hers. We agreed on dinner. With her being a vegetarian I asked about sushi and she was all over the idea. She even said I scored points with it. So I'll meet her there which is weird. I haven't met a women at a place in a very long time after our coffee date. We've met at other places then went together, but this is different. We're both looking forward to talking about cooking. The one thing I think she realized tonight is that she talks over people. I'm not quite sure if it's from being an officer or what. We'll see where it goes, but she is aware of it which is good.
Went to see Four Christmases with the Singles tonight. Now that was a funny movie. Surprisingly a short movie at only about 80 minutes. If you haven't seen it and want a laugh rent it out.

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Talking over people can sometimes be a sign of excitement and nervousness, too, albeit I'm sure you'll figure it out. I find it ironic that one is suggested sushi after saying she's vegetarian. Perhaps she's a pesca??-vegetarian, i.e., doesn't forgo all flesh-foods, but will eat seafood / fish, and no meat. I'm more that type of not really a full vegetarian myself, albeit I'm eating less and less seafood / fish all the time. Have fun:)


Why would she be excited about sushi if she's a vegetarian? There's a bunch of dead fish at sushi restaurants.
Is she a pescatarian, perhaps?


Oh, see- I'm repeating what Robin just said. Damn, I have to learn how to read before commenting.

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