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Friday Time

It was great to go home last night and do nothing. I've been out every night since last Saturday and I was beat. Especially with 3 early meeting this week. While it's all been loads of fun it does take something out of you.

I'm looking forward to my date with Navy girl tonight. This was the first week in a while that I wasn't in contact with some woman throughout the week. We talked Tuesday and I texted her Wednesday, but didn't get a response. At the least I'm going to get sushi which I was in the mood for. If this doesn't work out I will try to take a break from dating. Although I tried that a few weeks ago and 2 women asked me out so who the hell knows what will happen this time.

It's feast or famine on the home front. A few days ago it was zero potentials at the house. This morning my Landlord announced that both rooms were rented and they ladies would be moving in soon if not today. Holy shit! While the other side of the house I could care less. The room next to mine has been vacant for so long that I've gotten use to it.

For the first time in a long time I'm going into the end of the month with money. I paid most of the bills for this month and left the rest to pay all the first of the month stuff. I'm starting to get a foundation of patients each week which is what I need. I always grow on that, but when that is almost nothing it's rough.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

Hi Mike,
Good luck with Navy Girl!


I'm happy that you're doing better financially. I think that you really should take a break. That way when you're not thinking about dating, women will flock to you.

And if they don't, it's a good time for reflection and relaxation.

As for the advice about getting cynical/jaded from analyzing too many personals ads, thanks, but I am already jaded and cynical. Which is why I've taken a break.


* taken a break from dating.
I still like to make fun of personals.

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