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Sane Friends

Happy Time

I got a surprise tonight. Happy girl called to make sure we were still going out tomorrow. I was going to text her tomorrow, but she preempted me. We had a few breaks, but we talked like 2 hours tonight. Happy girl can talk I found out. Nothing wrong with it. She's entertaining and forward which is a good thing. The funny thing is that when I went to call her back after dinner I accidentally called the Optometrist. I got her answering machine, but I have to make sure not to leave different women's numbers lying around if they have become undateable. My hope is that we work as well in person as we do on the phone. It was funny I had to actually end the conversation since it was 10 and I needed to start getting ready for bed.

Keep your fingers crossed. If this new patient shows up tomorrow I will finally break a record with 20 visits for a week. I make 19 a lot, but someone always reschedules or pulls a no show and it never happens. Will it happen tomorrow?

3 people had cathartic therapy:

Good luck, I hope you make 20 patients. If it doesn't happen tomorrow, it will happen in the future.

I hope things with Happy Girl work out. She seems like fun.


You remin* me of E*ison. It's taken you 10,000 tries to fin* your lightbulb. LOL


Just dropping by to say hello...

Good luck hitting "20" !

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