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Deja Vu

Tonight's event was the Belly Dancing show. This was the third time I was having this event. When I originally was thinking of doing it all the women were like yeah that would be cool. The first time I had 1 girl and 5 guys. The second time no girls at all. This time I had 4-5 girls sign up for the event. What happened, it was only me and Navy girl.
We had a great time. This show they had four dancers and one was the owner who I had wanted to see. It's always interesting to see since all the woman have completely average bodies and some are on the heavy side, but they do a great job. Everyone that comes is really shocked when it's not models shaped women. The first dancer tonight did break the mold since she was really in shape and very good.
I had met Navy girl twice before and enjoyed her company, but never got a chance to really chat with her. Since it was only us we did and joked around a lot. I already knew she liked me from the way she had looked at me at the last event she attended. However this other guy was chatting her up something fierce that I thought for surely they would go out. It never happened.
Anyway after watching many half naked women dance and joking with Navy girl all night I asked her out. So we'll go out next weekend. After getting home I did realize I broke some of my rules. Since she has never been married and I think she may be in her early 30's. She knows how old I am, but I never asked her. I have to admit that she's very playful which I like. More to follow.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

I heart bellydancers ! Beautiful costumes, too. By the way, many bellydancers are overweight. Well, at least where I live.

I don't think Navy Girl's age and previous marital status should make a difference. I think you should give her a chance if you're attracted to her.


I saw a belly dancing show once. Amazing what they can do with those hips and ab muscles. Thin women just wouldn't do the bellydance justice. A little more meat adds greatly to the sexy, sensual affect.


Like this event. Soun*s as if you are just taking whomever.


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