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Sane Friends

Houston We Have a Problem

The woman I'm instantly attracted to is a manipulative woman with a lot of baggage. Yes it's one of my more attractive qualities. I've worked hard over the years since my ex and I split to drop this like the bad habit it is. While these women can still be attractive to me, I can spot them and deal with it. Enter stage right Inverse. She was more friendly last night and knows how to work it. While intellectually I know she has nothing to offer me there is something inside me that screams for her. So it's going to be a workout living under the same roof or until she finds another guy to fasten her attention on.

MK lady gave me a bunch of $10 gift cards for Mary Kay over the holidays. So I gave them out to my patients if they wanted them. She met one of my patients who was stunned to find out that I was single. She thought I was married and asked a bunch of questions. Hopefully this will not be a problem especially since I have an appointment with her tonight.

Other than that Happy girl and I are still trying to settle on a time for Starbucks.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

The thing with Inverse will be a good test of whether you are clear on how you want to be treated - and what vibes you are putting out as well re: your boundaries.
It's such a learning thing, this man-woman attraction !


OMG, I had a feeling that you would be writing this about Inverse. Yeah, let the sexual frustration buildup begin, lol.

Since she is a 25 year old hottie with emotional issues, I bet she'll be trying to work you for attention, whether she is serious or not. Perhaps she'll walk out in a towel, or bump into you in the kitchen more often.

The exchange between you two is mutual. You're attracted to her physically, she definitely knows it, and she is attracted to the attention she could possibly get out of you and will try to milk it as much as possible. After all, it's what she did for a living.

My advice to you is to definitely avoid her. Unless you don't like where you live, then you should hook up and move out, lol.

Most of us are attracted to people that are wrong for us, we want what we can't have. At least you're brave enough to come forth and admit it.

Good luck with Inverse. I was 25 once too, and have had male roommates.

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