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Sane Friends

It's Still a Dog's Life

This is one of my patient's dogs. His name is Chico and he came to visit the office yesterday.

I spoke the Barker last night, actually she called me. It's weird to have this "relationship" being driven by her. She keeps making all the communication. I really don't have to do anything which is okay for me since we haven't met. Until we meet I really don't like putting that much energy into it. I know that the longer we go with talking on the phone the less chance that we'll ever meet.

I did find out a few things about Barker. One that weekends are bad for her and during the week is better to meet. Two that like the Planner she is giving up her social life for her business. The difference is that Barker has 2 daughters and that keeps her sort of social. We talked about this item. She keeps trying to give me ideas for my business which is nice, but for me not my point here. I did say how much I enjoyed the Funny Bone smoke free night. There was no response on her end for whatever that says. As always she makes sure that I know that she wants to meet me.

Charming cancelled out of tonight's Game night with the singles. This was a good thing since I could use less hassle. I know prolonged interaction with her wouldn't be good. Dating would probably happen which I don't want to do with her.

5 people had cathartic therapy:

OMG, my friend has a dog named Chico that looks just like that !!

I may be wrong, but it doesn't sound to me like you're that interest in Barker. If she's been pursuing you and you haven't been pursuing her, that doesn't sound like you're very interested at all, especially if you call her the Barker.

I really hope that you'll find a hot chica that you'll be bragging about soon here on this blog. You deserve it.


Hey Mike,

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I see where you are coming from. However, I kind of believe that since Barker's been the one pursuing you even though you haven't met, it's still setting the tone for when you do meet. I am a little old fashioned and believe that men should do the pursuing. And I speak from experience, as when I've pursued men in the past they've been flattered at first, but that's it, just flattered and maybe mutually attracted to me. But they didn't feel like they had to work for anything and nothing ever lasted for long.

Sorry, I know I can be a stinker, but I am stubborn with my opinions.

By the way, I think it's awesome that you're a fellow Sagitarrian.


Beautiful dog. He's probably more faithful than any of your chicas. ;)

From what I gather, it sounds like you'd rather date than settle down. Is this true?


So, um, when are you going to find a time to meet with Barker? Have you asked her, specifically, as she's laid it out that she'd like to meet you, or is it the schedule that's being complicated? She sounds as if she could be a good friend if romance doesn't work out. And, being a single mom does take up a lot of time, especially if also having to work cuz, well, most single parents DO have to do that.


Chico is the perfect name for that dog ... he looks exactly like a Chico!

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