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Well I'm happy to report that my patient showed up today which finally made a record week. Woohoo!

Okay I know you don't want to know about that, but my date with Happy girl. We met to play pool today and she was a very attractive woman. She's spunky and outspoken which I like. We played a bunch of games of pool and even had an old timer watch us for a while. Happy girl can talk and I think it's from growing up in a large family (8-9 kids). Afterwards we hoped in her truck while it warmed up to talk some more. Yeah that turned into over an hour conversation. I might have to kiss her more to limit the conversation.

The interesting thing is that it's hard to gauge how things are going since Happy girl will just talk about anything. We talked about family, sex, drinking, etc. She had a fun time and said she would call me tomorrow to schedule when we could get together again. I liked how she smelled and how soft she was. We talked about a few things we can do in the future. I did find out that I may need to get a prescription for Viagra since she has a high sex drive.

My only complaint on the day is Tech girl emailed me to ask about the deadline for membership dues and my doing a day early. I have to admit I'm starting to lose my temper with this stuff. a) I don't get paid to do this stuff, b) it's $5 pay and rejoin or don't I'm not really giving a shit. c) It just business, nothing personal

3 people had cathartic therapy:

Now I know why you call her "Happy Girl." I knew a guy like that in high school...he talked endlessly about everything. Sometimes it was to fill the silence. I prefer people who don't always have to be "on." I'm sure you like a woman who can let her hair down. I agree with you, maybe if you kiss her next time she'll limit the conversation. If that doesn't help, the Viagra might. ;)


I'm glad to hear that you're having fun with Happy Girl.

Maybe she talks so much because she is nervous and doesn't know how to stop without creating an awkward moment.

It seems like she is an aggressive woman, since she is initiating most of the conversation and is the one calling you.

I am afraid she's giving away the mystery too soon, especially if she is talking about sex and drinking now.

I really think Tech Girl emailed you to have a reason to talk to you. You've never mentioned her complaining about the fee before.


Was she complaining about the fee, or just trying to find out when it's due and expressing interest in getting it to you? I'm unclear. I can tell that you're bothered by her text, either that it's a reminder of her, or it's a reminder of the management aspects of the group.

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