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Sane Friends

Lets Dance

It was a great turn out for my Patient Appreciation Dance. I had about 20 guests and my friend had about 10 clients show up. So we filled the dance room up. Marvin the instructor is all about having fun so he lightened things up.
Everyone did great with dancing. The food went over well. One of my patients and her SO were taking a few lessons and gave us a show. Also instructors showed up and gave us a show of Lindy swing dance.
My patients really enjoyed themselves which was great. They had fun and a few made friends. My co host wanted to do it every quarter and I turned that down. Maybe twice a year, but doing the same thing over and over loses its specialness. Next time I might do it on my own or with someone else. Whatever it is I have to make sure it's good for my patients and myself.
The funny thing was that the big question my patients had was if I had a SO in attendance.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

The dance looked like a great idea, Mike !


Wow ... what a great idea, "patient appreciation." Seriously, I don't think I've ever heard that phrase before in my life.


With an actual dance floor, too. Kudos for that! If you try to pick a similar timeframe each year, your patients might even start to remember, say, always a "dance away the drugery of January" and some other timeframe. Eh, if you feel like it.

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