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My Time With Piper

Well this morning was my 4th year doing volunteering for Reader Month with the SPCA. I walked in this morning to pick up and animal. Usually I get a rabbit or guinea pig. I was stunned when the lady in charge asked if I wanted a dog. Hell yes! We went in to the kennel to find a likely candidate for the elementary kids. I got Piper a 2 year old Boxer/Terrier mix. She was awesome personality wise. Never barked the whole time I was with her and she loved the kids. This year instead of me walking around the school looking for classes they came to me. I think in total I we did 8 classes. It's always interesting to watch kids interact with animals.
One thing I remembered during our lull between presentations is that saying of having an animal to help relieve stress. I was just sitting petting Piper and I couldn't believe how relaxed I was. Then I remembered how I use to be petting KC the Planner's cat.
Anyway afterward we headed back to the SPCA. Piper was pooped and feel asleep in the car. It was nice and warm with the sun shining in the vehicle. I told her I couldn't take her home with me. However I still felt sad when I handed her over to one of the keepers. I started to walk away and she wanted to follow me. :(
I'm also a little sad. Barker had to cancel our date today. She needed to go to one of her stores that is doing no business. I understood since it was during work hours that we were going to meet. She said she would call me later to tell me what' going on. Since we haven't met yet I haven't given any life to her so if it never happen, no big deal.

I do have a concern. She has a slight rasp to her voice that I wonder comes from smoking. It'll come out pretty soon when we meet. I did look around her work blog. It was pretty impressive to see her with different celebrities since she is a big dog person. The best was Drae De Matteo of Soprano's fame since I think she's very hot.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Your borrowed dog was adorable. Too bad you had to take her back.


I'm a little sad you had to take her back!

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