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Sane Friends

Well Who Would Have Thunk?

I usually keep track through Feedburner where everyone comes from when they visit my blog. Most searches aren't to wild usually something like wu shu finger. I was pretty surprised today to find that someone just googled my name and found my blog. I didn't think it would come up on the radar. Who knew?

I'm beat today. I think staying up late last night to see Role Models with the singles did me in. It was a good movie and worth the rent when it comes out. If you have any role playing experience give it an extra star since it has a big LARP side storyline. Kiss-my-azmanti!!!

So I'm feeling it today. Especially when I'm busy for hours on end. It wasn't all patients today, but between meetings and office work the afternoon had just flown by. Now I'm just waiting for traffic to die down so I can head on home. It's not worth sitting in it when I can get a few more things down today.

I made my first goal of January which was doing 35 lbs plates on benching. I'll shoot for 45 lbs. for February. I'm keeping on my office goals and working on keep the ball rolling so I can get stable here.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Well done on your goal :)) VERY GOOD!!!

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