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Sane Friends

The Singles Go to the Aquarium

After I got a haircut yesterday I went to meet the Singles for a visit to the Aquarium. I took a poll and it's where most people wanted to go to. I'm still waiting for them to finish all the renovation since not much had changed since I was there a few months ago. However it was fun with people who were never there before.
We had a hard time trying to pet the sting rays this time out. We figured it was because we were too clean. Turtles, jelly fish and sharks oh my were the attractions of the day. If it wasn't so cold for us, 20 degrees. We all would have hiked down to the other building, however only a few brave souls made the hike. The rest drove in our nice warm cars.
After seeing the second building we were going to get something to eat, but the place I had chosen was packed and couldn't seat us for 45 minutes. So we broke up for the day. Actually I and the Photographer grabbed something to eat near my office. I had forgotten some supplies for the dance that night and I had to run all the way back.
I was happy not to have that attraction for her anymore. She wanted to become an assistant organizer in the group which I was happy for the help. I've already gone through 3 of them and thy didn't do much, but take up space. Hopefully she will do better.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Hi Mike,
Sounds like a great trip ... I don't think you could pay me enough to pet a stingray, though.


Teehee at this looks like a fiel* trip. Nothing romantic here.


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