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Sane Friends

Change in Plans

Facebook girl and I usually flirt online. It's never normal talk. So it was interesting to sit today and talk. Child rearing, family, work, etc. It was nice to see her in a different light. So I'll give it a little more time. I'm not quite sure what the shelf life on the relationship is. I know it's not a long one, but there is more here to develop.

Handcuffs were not brought to Starbucks. Sorry everyone. However we are going out tonight. The main party will be at her brothers, but we need to go to one party before hand that her BF is at. The person running the party owns a few sex shops in the area. So I was assured that handcuff, whip, etc. would be in supply tonight. This could be a freaky New Year. Hey you'll get great stories though. The guy has a tent over his pool which he has somehow superheated. Hey it's suppose to be 20 degrees with 40 mph winds. I don't you could do anything to get me in there.

Happy and Safe New Year Everyone!

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Can't wait for the stories :)


Happy New Year!!!! oxox

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