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I was reading one of my books on love this week. It said that when you find something great that there won't be any bells & whistles, but instead a quiet peaceful calm. Whether this is what I have with Tech girl I don't know, but let me tell you it's different. I'm use to having all these feelings to surf on and carry me along. However when I say that it brings up bad stuff. Before I started down this spiritual path 8 years ago I loved having the strong feelings just carry me along since I never had to take any responsibility for anything. Things just happened in my mind. Now everything is a conscious choice with Tech girl even sex. I'm calm and aware of all that is happening. I feel like a Jedi knight, lol.
However there are still little bumps in the road. I'm here in Starbucks and this woman was here. The bells and whistles type. I find myself looking over at her many times. She's just about to get up and come over by me to throw something out. I want to take a closer look, but before I look up I see my bookmark. "When you got something special, never forget it." It's always interesting were a gift will come from.

This relationship is virgin territory for me. I'm glad I'm calm cause this really could freak me out.

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OOO Love blindfolds!!!!!! I on't get why some girls are so frigi. What's their problem? LOL


Calm is good. Calm has potential. Be the Jedi Knight who is the nice guy who takes his time and enjoys all the moments.
Even a Jedi Knight would notice bells and whistles across the street, but he wouldn't whip his light sabor out for it.

Enjoy her~


Okay, I am probably in the minority here, but I think that while calm is good, I think that you'll eventually get bored with "calm" and go back to the "bells and whistles" that has been grabbing your attention for all your life. I see it happen a lot. You can't really "train" yourself differently when it comes to matters of the heart.

I am just one girl, but in my opinion a relationship is not worth having unless there is strong passion involved. Who knows, maybe I will change my mind as the years go by.

Just because "bells and whistles" hasn't worked out for you in the past doesn't mean that it won't in the future. Maybe you just need to find the right "bells and whistles."

From what I read, Tech Girl seems like a great catch. But I am a casual observer here and I felt like giving my .02.

Informative blog though, I am always interested in what men think when they're dating. Thanks for providing the 411.

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