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Warmth of a New Day

The warmth of summer is back even though it's winter. It's in the 60's here today and suppose to top off about 70 tomorrow. No complaints here especially after the cold spell over the weekend.

I think this will be another week of not talking to Eric. I wrote my ex about Eric being a kid that likes physical touch. I didn't even mention that he was like me since that would have been a death sentence for the kid. I just gave her the stats of kids that don't get enough at home and how they look for it outside the home and I didn't want to happen with him. Knowing my ex she'll take it personal since she does most things. So it'll be another week of phone silence.

I'm going to drive up to see Tech girl tomorrow night. I told her I had a game for us to play. She asked if it had a dress code. I informed her no it didn't, but I could bring one if she wanted that. Life stories is a great game for getting to know someone better which she agreed she was all for. Depending on when she has class will determine our weekend plans. My landlord will be gone for 2 weeks starting Friday so she can stay with me when she comes down for game night Saturday. I only have a full size bed, but that's good for cuddling.

Lastly I checked my Feedburner and I'm up to 51 subscribers and a bunch of followers. I want to welcome all the newbies aboard and thanks for reading.

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Can you send some warmth my way?

I'm freezing my totties off!

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