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I finally got some very, very late payment from the insurance companies this week. I was so happy to have a sizable sum of money. Then in 24 hours it was gone. I looked stunned at my accounting software. All my late bills were paid which I should be happy about, but I was left with nothing. And that is all I see is nothing. Even though this was a lot better year than last since I didn't have to work a second job. I'm still living hand to mouth mostly. My large amounts of debt aren't getting any smaller and I have to admit I'm very tired of it today. Everyone wants money and there's not enough to go around.

My way of doing business is considered heretical in my profession, but my patients like it. However it's a slow way to make money. As a chiropractor the marketing people will tell you if you see a patient for only 12 visits of less you are barely making it. I see them at the most 8 before hopefully maintenance. Let me tell you they speak the truth. I've always been torn between the immense treatment plans and the way I treat. I can sleep well treating the way I do since I know I'm not over treating people to fill my pockets. However my pockets are staying empty which isn't helping me. Over the last 6 months I've gotten lax on prescribing 8 treatments, but I need to suck it up. The reason I picked that number it was the amount I needed to teach the patient everything they needed to take care of themselves. I need to stick to my guns more.

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A while ago you said you were taking some books to Goodwill. If you sold them on Amazon, especially textbooks, it would add some cash to your pockets. It's easy and no maintance. Check it out.


Hi Mike,
I think times are tough all over right now. Where I work, in Hollywood, studios are cutting back like crazy and letting people go. No one feels secure. What you are doing -- i.e. the right thing for your patients -- is all too rare.
P.S.: Thanks for visiting my blog, I'm starting to follow yours now, too


Janice - I use to do it years ago, but it became such a hassle. I might do it on Half.com again.

Marty - now I know why you have a security guard at Starbucks.


The thing I like about it is, it's tax free money and Amazon takes care of the payments. You're not waiting around for a check from the buyer.

I just realised you may have used games to sell as well. Those would sell quickly I'd imagine.


I think you are doing the right thing but sticking to your guns and treating your patients as best you can without looking at the dollar signs at first. Doctors like you are a rare find, so keep it up. It may not be so profitable right now, but at least you will sleep better and you'll be in business longer than people that try to make shortcuts. Are you in CA ?


Senorita - sorry VA beach. You're too far for a house call.


I suppose there is relief in knowing those bills are zilch now, too, at least that's how I feel when such a thing happens.

I suppose some patients will need only 4 visits, and some 9 or 10, but yeah, if you know your average is 8, then I agree with you in sticking to actual medicine here and not just filling your pockets. Maybe even put that in your ads and such, or when you talk to people, that most would prescribe 12 treatments yadda yadda, and that you're happy to have them come in for sessions 9-12 for maintenance. How many will most insurances in your area accept these days? I need to check -- mine just added chirop. services this year or last, but that's not when we needed them. M likes them, so maybe we can add them back in next year if they're covered.

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