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Holiday Dating

One thing that can throw a monkey wrench into the holidays is starting to date someone. Hey it's another present to buy when I'm already finished. Also what do you get the person? Luckily I listened to everything Tech girl has said. While she hasn't mentioned what she would really desire. We did talk about journaling. I said I like to type it out since my handwriting sucks and I can't write as fast as my brain works. My typing skills have increased over the years and the courses I took weren't fully wasted. I use half my fingers. Tech girl stated she would rather write it out. So with 2 weeks to go I figured I should start moving so I ordered this from Amazon.
Juliette talked about blogging and dating the other day. While I tell everyone I journal I don't say I keep the blog. I do this for me and I'm happy that people enjoy reading it. However a significant other reading this would ruin the purpose of it. We all need somewhere we can go to sort through our thoughts. I need something that is physical also. So journaling covers both bases. GF's of the past have looked at me a little funny when I mention one of you to them since they can't figure out the connection.

4 people had cathartic therapy:

I think Tech girl will love the journal.


A journal is a really really cool idea!!

I would love that as a gift :)


Beautiful. May I have one, too?!# LOL


Your ad for this post says "meet married women." Ha, like either of us would want to?
Anyway, a real live write in it journal sounds perfect for her. Perhaps you can even find a great quote to add in your inscription on the first page?
And here I'm dating a guy who goes out and buys the things he wants (just got some new books).... eh, just enjoy being with someone if it's someone you enjoy being with!

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