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2008 Dating Round Up

The other day, okay it was yesterday, I commented on how I've noticed changes in myself business wise. Well today I'm reflecting on dating this year since it was a big year for me.
Law girl started it out for me. She was the first "normal" woman I ever dated. While our chemistry level wasn't super it was a real kick being with someone who was "normal". No dram, problems, etc. It was very weird and totally virgin territory for me. On the other hand she strung me along for a while since I was such a nice guy that she waned. However guilt finally got the best of her and we broke up since she knew it wasn't fair to me to tie me down to someone that was not going to deepen the relationship with. I should of learned then to require chemistry.

The Planner was next and my longest relationship besides my ex. She will always have a special place in my heart since there was so much I liked about her: the goal setting, her physical side, silliness, looks, etc. However there was always some strong issues on the opposite side. The biggest was always the sleeping arrangement. She never wanted to sleep in the same bed together which was always a deal breaker for me and she knew it. I don't do Lucy and Ricky. The other was her controlling attitude. However I got more of my sexual mojo back with her and saw again how long term relationships really are great with how they grow.

The Photographer was a surprise for me. I knew she was a chaos type girl, but I never thought I would feel as attracted to her as I did once we dated. What I had knocked back into me was that when you date chaos there's always problems. While I wouldn't date her I would probably have sex with her for some reason.

Tech girl taught me firmly that a spark is needed to make things work. Also she was the first women for me to break up with since my marriage.

There were a lot of screwed up women mixed in there that never really got off the ground. Like Army girl who was so drunk the night I met she didn't remember me or our conversation. I didn't even think she was that drunk. There was Red who said she was separated, but then introduced me to her husband. The Florist with her bizarre home life and arrangements. Lastly the VP who was emailing me pornographic pictures of her after 3 minutes on the phone.

It was a very good year.

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