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People that know me, know that I love reading body language especially when I'm dating. However even in normal situations it's funny to watch and in this holiday festivities it keeps me occupied. While I don't enjoy people watching since I'd rather be a part of instead of apart from. Anyway one of the best things I enjoy watching about women is the hair flip. Something very feminine and something all women do. However women that are happily married and not interested do it with the back of their hand to you. To either show you a ring or hand that could become a fist. While interested women will always show you there palm in a show of surrender. Whether this works with women to women I have no idea.

I have no idea what guy language looks like although if you ladies what to know if a guy is interested. If a guy has a spark for you he will usually drop his pants and tell you to touch it. Hey we're simple creatures.

It was very nice of one of my patients to give me a present for Christmas. It's a Winner's Journal. It combines a normal planner with your goals so you can reach them. It has step to step instructions on setting them and attaining them. Since I'm really big into that right now it fits perfect. So I set my business goals which is been done a lot over the last month. It also made me set goals in my family/friend, health, community, and spirituality areas. With having closed the chapter on Tech girl I finished her up on my dating chart. Tallying everything up I was able to state my top five characteristics I want in a GF. They are:

  1. Athletic
  2. Physical
  3. Assertive
  4. Communicative
  5. Fair (paying, driving, etc.)

These were the items I enjoyed the most and were throughout my dating history since my divorce. Now I just need to cut it out and see who fits the mold.

6 people had cathartic therapy:

Twice now you've mentioned fairness in paying. Could you expand on that one. Paying for a date, if you ask a woman out, is your responsibility.

If she surprised you with a special date, then yes, she should pay for the event. But coffee or say ice cream afterwards should be picked up by the guy.

When does going "dutch" end with you?


Hey Janice. I'm not a dutch type of guy and am happy to pay for stuff. Fairness is a mindset. You would be surprised how many women there are out there that guys just pay and do everything. I women that offers to pay or will drive to see me means a lot to me. Hope that helps.


I refuse to pay if you can't han*le more than 3 in 12. ha ha ha ha ha ha


P.S... Flipping the hair just like Cher! LOL =.)


Thanks Mike, I surely understand the driving to see you and how that would make you feel.

I think you need to write a blog post and expound on this issue. You know, the who pays for what and when thing.


I was married for 4 yrs eons ago, and speaking honestly, I wanted to "change" him. We butted heads and finally divorced.

Fast forward 20 yrs and after being alone all these yrs, met a man online from 250 miles away. We are soulmates! We see each other every 2 wks, and are quite content with our situation.

Most importantly, he has made me appreciate the men for the "simple creatures" that they are. We talk openly about just being who we are and not wanting to change each other. We are like an old married couple and are VERY happy with each other. He's part of my family and I of his.

I enjoy reading your blog.

Estela in South TX where it was 83 degrees today.

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