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Post Date Report

Okay it's waaaay later than I thought it would be before I got home. I'm exhausted, but I need to collect my thoughts and I know some of you wait up for these reports.

The singles event at the museum went well with many new faces which is always good. I wandered around waiting for Tech girl to show up. I really didn't want to start the Norman Rockwell exhibit till she got there. So I read the brochure and the first room's bio. It worked out well since she arrived shortly after. She was dressed very nicely which was a surprise coming straight from work. We took our time walking the exhibit reading the plaques of information. Tech girl surprised me with her art background which was very impressive. She's a very smart cookie. So we walked and talked then I asked if she wanted to get something to eat since I knew I was getting hungry. So we said our goodbyes to the group and left.

I gave her the choice of following me or coming in my car. She choose my car and off we went. The food at Fellini's was good as usual. We talked a lot. Tech girl does somewhat dominate the conversation. While I usually ask a lot of questions, I do have some things I want to say which was hard to get in.

The weirdest thing was that I couldn't read her body language and she wasn't touching me at all which was opposite of Saturday night. So by the end of the meal I figured that was going to be it. We part as friends. After she returned from the bathroom I asked if she wanted to stay or go. She said it was still early for her and we continued talking. After a while of more talking we decided to go.

When we got back to her vehicle we saw the light was on inside. So she got out turned it off and then hopped back in my car. Okay I guess she's enjoying herself. So we talk and joke for another hour. Honestly besides not saying she's going I can't tell what she's thinking. The conversation is good and I'm actually stating my beliefs on society which I usually don't do. I'll usually pass on putting a strong belief out there at this point, but I'm thinking what the hey. Anyway Tech girl starts to get silly and we joke around. For me I need an indicator where this is going.

So I lift her chin and kiss her. She's surprised or nervous. I'll go with the latter since I didn't pounce. Tech girl doesn't really kiss back so I make it quick and I drop back to our goofiness. We talk and joke another 30 minutes and I suggest a second date in a lull which she's all for. Anyway now she's getting tired and with that the goofiness increases so we have a fun time. At some point I'm hugging her since we are both laughing so hard. When we're finished I can see she's looking at my lips so I kiss her again. It's better than the first time, but no romance novel. So we called it a night.

Final thoughts. Well we have a lot in common in beliefs and interests. I can't believe how close she lives to the Planner. For a very assertive woman in most parts of her life I'm surprised to see her so demure with me in a romantic setting. I'm not quite sure what the chemistry level is, but that's what a second date is for. I almost broke out laughing when she had on these rectangular glasses after the Guy'ners comment.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Well the Guv'ner is always right dude, really. :)

I think she probably didn't want to appear too assertive herself being a first date and all. Plus a lot of people when a little nervous talk a lot more than normal, which might be why she was so talkative. Plus come on, she accepted a second date, that can only be a good sign!

Well that and the glasses. :)


guys really think this stuff? LOL

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