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Sane Friends

A Technical Date

Well I spent the day with Tech girl today. In lieu of our second date I brought her flowers. She has a nice condo which she is working on fixing up. It's great to see what she has done with her hands. I also like her taste in furniture.

So we hung at her place and had left overs from a meal she cooked which was very good. We relaxed on the couch talking for a while before we headed off to the Virginia Living Museum. I realized I hadn't been there since I was married 4 years ago. Back then they had just opened the new building. Not much had changed, but it was a fun experience. Tech girl had never been there so she really enjoyed it. Also being a biology major she knew so much it was really interesting.

Afterwards we made a few stops looking for a game for her to bring to game night, but struck out on that front. We then stopped off at Barnes & Nobles for something to drink and peruse the magazines.

Afterwards we hit Trader Joe's for some pizza to make back at her place. It was some good stuff which we enjoyed while playing Uno. Through our conversations I found out some interesting stuff I already figured and some I was surprised to find out.
  • Until I emailed her she never considered me dating material. I found this interesting since I though she was sending me signals.
  • She really enjoys how I listen to her which is big for her. This I figured out from listening and watching her during the week.
  • Tech girl enjoys that she can talk to me about anything and doesn't have to curb her conversation. This is something I feel also.
  • Like the Planner she has questioned do I ever not smile. My reply is I smile when I'm happy.

While I know Tech girl is smitten with my I'm not quite sure I'm with her. While I have a list of things that I really enjoy about her from her intelligence to all her sound effects. From I can truly be myself around her to all we have in common. I just don't feel that head over heels feeling. Is this more healthy because I'm conscious of what's going on? Or is she not the one for me? I can't tell. I enjoy everything I do with her, but there are no bells and whistles. For now I'll continue on with her and hopefully the path with become clear.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

I enjoy reading your entries. I feel like you go about dating in a methodical way, and you analyze a lot of it. It is interesting to get a guys point of view, and I find this informative.

I also feel like you're analyzing this a little much. I am assuming that you haven't been dating her for very long.

If you're having a great time and are enjoying yourself, keep going out with her.

To me a "head over heels" feeling in a relationship is important. That's the only way I would date a guy, otherwise I would rather be single.

Maybe some people would disagree with me, but that feeling is important.

I was in a relationship with a man last year that was great on paper. He was a wonderful man and wanted to take care of me. While I cared for him deeply and loved him, I was not "in love" with him.

Keep dating her for a little longer. Don't expect it to just come up. Feelings like that don't just appear. Chances are, if you haven't felt it by now you are either putting too much pressure on yourself, or it's not going to happen for you.

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