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The Coffee Date

I truly had to laugh. Online one of the ways women can save on food is to go to dinner with guys on dates. Like MK lady stated one day, "single girl's gotta eat". LOL. While I know this practice goes on to see it recommended was interesting. For the guys it said eat at your grandmother or aunt's place. Hey at least it would be free and you would still get the kiss on the cheek at the end of the night.

Friends were talking about how they run guys through this whole system to see if they are worth dating. I was pretty surprised since I've found that everything on the phone, email, text, smoke signals, etc before the date is pretty meaningless. Maybe it's my assertive nature, but I push for that coffee date ASAP. For me that 15 minutes over a hot cup of Starbucks will tell me everything I need to know if there is going to be a second date. The bill is already paid if some pre-scheduled event is remembered by either party. Ladies you can already see if he's cheap if he's not springing for your cup of java.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

I would definitely prefer the coffee (or tea or whatever solitary drink item) date, over egads, commiting to something longer to linger in that first date I don't really click with him nauseous angst. Then again, I'd prefer eating at my (late) grandmother's ANYTIME over having an internet date of any duration. Now, balance a meal at my grandmother's (assuming it was a regular event again) with a beloved beau, it'd depend, but I loved my grandmother always, and I detest internet dating dates, not the guys themselves necessarily, but the dates ACK!


Yeah, some girls are like that. I had a roommate who would schedule dates so she wouldn't have to cook or buy groceries. She would eat half at dinner & bring a doggie bag home. When the freezer was low, she'd flirt to get more dates. LOL... The first date is usually too nervous for a full meal. I think a coffee date is a good start, because you are busy getting to know each other, so it helps not to have cilantro on your teeth. ha ha

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