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Sane Friends

The Day that Wasn't

Game of Lifestories - $2
Gas to Newport News - $5
Seeing you - priceless

This was my text to Tech girl this morning. I'm looking forward to seeing her tonight although I know I'm going to pay for it tomorrow morning with an early appointment. Last night was the first time she initiated getting off the phone. I told her how much I enjoyed talking to her which seemed to do something for her. That was the best ending we've had so far. She's usually quiet when I go, but she said that I would usually have to be the initiator with this kind of stuff. Like Sunday night laying next to her. If I wanted to stay awake for the ride home I knew I needed to get out of there. I predict a replay of that tonight. We need to plan a sleep over this weekend. Either me back at her place Friday or my place Saturday.

I finally got an appointment to network with this one doctor I've been trying to contact over the last few weeks. No offense to any medical doctors reading this, but you've had the pharmaceutical companies between your legs for to many years. Michael doesn't play that game with business. Personal life is different. Anyway relationship building with MD's is like trying to communicate with alien life forms. They've had too many systems over the years to do everything for them including wipe there asses. However that system is breaking down with new laws and cuts in pay. So building relationships is a new thing for them since normal people like win-win instead of I'm a doctor, blow me.

Besides that I could have slept in today. I forgot my sneakers and white socks for the gym today. I refuse to work out in black socks and business shoes. I do have some pride here. All my appointments today except one rescheduled. So if it wasn't for my class today I would have bilateral thumb sprains from twiddling them all day long.

Hey look it's Wednesday and still no word from Eric.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Oh, my gosh no, don't work out with black socks and business shoes hahahahaha. :)

On another note, that is a long time not to hear from Eric.

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