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Sane Friends

Christmas Day

I tell you I could get use to these mornings sleeping in. I know after a while I'd get tired of it, but right now it's great. It's been about 2 weeks now of living on my own and since I accepted that I don't like eating dinner alone I've been doing good. I almost miss having my own place. Well it is a goal for 2009. I just need to pay off some more debt and make get the office more balanced.

I've been wondering with the Nerf gun debate with my ex what would happen for Christmas. Would Eric get my package or would she up the ante on her end to make it look insignificant. Well I talked to Eric this morning and he was too distracted playing Nintendo DS. He gave me the general list of what he got, but the excitement wasn't in his voice. I know that voice. He's too absorbed in the game to interact. It's one of the reasons I never buy him one. I let him play with the gameboy I have when we get together to pass the driving time. However I set limits on when and where he plays it. Since he could really crawl into the game. He said he got my stuff, but nothing else. So the next conversation I'll ask specific questions.

Today was one of those days my Mom was not really recognizing me. I did her nails and made the calls. At times I was a little sad not to go up and see my brother and family for Christmas. I could take the China Town express bus for $40 round trip and have them pick me up. However they are all sick so it was good planning on my end.

Now I'm camping out at Starbucks relaxing. Actually it took a while since a couple arrived with there demon spawn. Their kids are screaming like banshees and all they are doing if anything is telling them to eat their snacks.

Senorita knows me too well. Yes I would like to date the Photographer again. The connection is very strong, whether that's good or bad I don't know. However unless she said or did something to show me some change or remorse to her actions it would be bad for me. It would be agreeing that I'm okay with abusing me and that would be a shot right to my self esteem that I don't need. For the record I suggested the card game.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

Merry Christmas ! I hope that you end up getting your own place soon.

I love to eat dinner alone. What I wouldn't give to have my own place.

Children like the banshees you described are one of the main reasons I wouldn't want to bring a child into this world. Many parents are too scared of properly disciplining their children and parents that believe in restrictions and disciplining are constantly criticized.

I don't think that I know you too well. I just think that I feel the same way, and do similar things that you do. We all have that one person that we would let back into our lives, even if they hurt us. Especially if we are single and there aren't any other "hot" prospects around.

We are basically as good as our options.


Hi Mike,
Happy Holidays to you. I don't know the history but it sounds like you might be better off keeping this "Photographer" out of the picture ...


Zip it up, Mike! LOL... Banshees? Soun*s like parents who aren't oing their job. A real parent prepares their chil*ren for when they are on their own in the worl*. How is Eric?

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