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Sane Friends

Executive Decision

I'm exhausted. I guess going to sleep at 2:30 isn't a good thing for a good nights sleep. I mean it was worth hanging with Tech girl. She knows a lot of movie and cartoon quotes. No offense to any ladies, but she can do great sound effects. Having an art and biology degree makes her interesting to talk to. However my ass is dragging today as is hers I found out. I had to joke with her statement about being a night owl. She says it was all the talking. I decided it was too early to go with a comment of we don't have to talk next time.

Anyway I'm going to reschedule my continuing education class tonight till next month since there is no hurry for it. I'm not going to learn anything and it's just going to be a torture session listening to someone talk for 3 hours. It's been pretty dry so far so I don't have high hopes. Hey I get what I pay for. Free.

4 people had cathartic therapy:

why should we be offended? Tech girl sounds great :)


Sounds like you two may be on to something? Best wishes for continued success! Lisa


You shoul* recor* her soun*s & put them in you blog. LOL... Burp? Beep Beep!!!!!

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