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Friday Fun

I'm impressed with all the advances in dental technology. With new compounds and lasers my filling matches my tooth and you can't even tell it's there. Pretty cool.

I've always believed relationships are important in business, but the realization that my actions don't correspond with that have caused some changes here. The first one is something I've known for years is calling my new patients a day or 2 after there first treatment to see how they are doing. They love it and actually today I got a referral out of it. The second is birthdays. I've always sent cards. One year a patient was so thankful since only Victoria Secrets and myself had remembered. Even her mother had forgotten. Anyway now I'm calling and my best patients I'm dropping with a birthday balloon at the job. My patient today was on vacation so I had to leave it.

The Photographer is coming in tomorrow for treatment. I crossed a line I never did with her. She had come in a while back and we traded professions. I adjusted her and she took some pictures for my office. Anyway she called yesterday and needed to come in. I haven't seen her in about a month so it should be okay seeing her again without me feeling weird.

My Landlord left this morning for 2 weeks. It'll be weird to have the place to myself for that long. I'm realizing I don't like being alone around dinner time. While I might say I've been alone all my life, but as I become more conscious of stuff I see that little item has been covered up. Hopefully talking with Tech girl will help me through it. On that note I'm looking forward to seeing her tomorrow. We wanted to go hiking since the weather has been about 70 for the last few days, but it plunged back down into the 40's. While I know most of you will say that's not cold which I won't argue. However a 30 degree drop in 24 hours is a shock to the system let me tell you. Afterwards we have game night with the singles.

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