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Well today is day 2 of no contact with Eric (actually I we haven't talked since last Wednesday), but we catch up in the beginning of the week. This usually happens every few months when my ex gets a very large bug stuck way up her ass. At least there is a reason this time that I know of. Usually it's just a dice roll. I use to put trackers on all packages, but haven't done it in a while. Oh well I'll lie if the package mysteriously disappears which I wouldn't put pass her.

I had to make an appointment to see the Stylist today. My hair has been looking long, but I figured I just saw her. However I realized that we had talked about my breakup with the Planner and that was over 2 months ago. Yikes! So now I'm all clean cut for Tech girl tomorrow night. I'll text her in the morning telling that I'm looking forward to seeing her.

Tech girl will be the first girl in a long time that has black hair which I do like better than blond which is the majority of hair color down here. She has a different look than I usually go for, but she is highly touchy which I love. If you have ever read Gary Chapman's "The Five Love Languages" (highly recommended) I'm big with physical touch. Everything is good with me if I'm hugged, hand held, rubbed, touched, etc. Hey what can I say I'm easy.

6 people had cathartic therapy:

I love that book. Very good read, indeed!

Good luck on your date. Sorry to hear about the ex...


I loved that book - it makes so much sense...


Stop it, Mike. It will make you blind... oops... that is my dream man; isn't it? ha ha ha ha


ha ha ha... I am so adorable! LOL


My vision of Tech Girl is, black hair (as you said!)maybe some sexy glasses, a little quirkily dressed - sort of that hot librarian look only more modern. But I do have a warped imagination! :)


I'm trying to follow your sentences re: Eric. Are you trying to say that she is sending you a package and you'll lie about it, or that you tried to send Eric a package, and you suspect she's going to happen to have it mysteriously disappear, and she's ticked about the package or contents?

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