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Sane Friends

A Better View

I spent the evening with Tech girl. We had deviled eggs and played Outburst while listening to jazz. Afterwards we laid on the couch and relaxed until she was starting to fall asleep. It was an hour earlier than I had planned, but it would be better for me to get home early.

Anyway while sitting on the couch with her I saw what I like about Tech girl. We play well together although she is no where as silly as I am. Hey I did a victory lap for winning the game. On the flip side I saw what stops me from bonding. Most of what Tech girl talks about is negative experiences with people. I'm happy to hear about her difficulties, but there is no balance of good stuff. The other thing is that trying to talk half the time is like trying to walk across a busy street. She keeps going on with stuff that I would like to share or comment on and I can't get a word in edge wise.

I'm happy to say that it's not enough to make me miserable, but I'll be happy when the holidays are over. I hate to be that way since I don't like to rush my life.

I may have to make some comments on her ways. Constructive of course. Since I think this may start to wear thin.

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Oh I can see where that would grow old quick. I have a friend like that she can be a real downer after a while!


Yeah, I need positive people too. Or at least people who can vent the negative stuff and then turn it around.

Hang in there.


You're up against a wall but you keep trying to make sex exciting? Whoa @ she's gonna get hurt.

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