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Having a little bit of a rough time with waiting the 2 weeks with Tech girl. My thought pattern is that we've only been going out 2 weeks. Now to wait till the holidays are over is another 2 weeks. I think that going out a full month would be worse plus I feel I'm lying to her every time we interact which I think is the worse. Hey I don't want to end the relationship now cause I don't think you can handle it. No offense, but that would be the bottom line reason. Anyone I've ever know has been pissed beyond anything for this reason. Not saying I would say this. So I'm going to end it tonight. I have some anxiety about this since it's the first woman I've ended a relationship with. I've done many after first date conversations, but never after a few dates.

I no longer have to deal with paying my Mom's nursing home bill since they will get her check direct. One less problem to deal with.

I was hoping to break a record today with patients, but as usual people rescheduled and it didn't happen. The good thing is that many people are calling to come in which is much needed.

It's Christmas party day. I had one this morning and the next tonight. I have another tomorrow night, but I'm not quite sure if I'll go. How did all this happen?

2 people had cathartic therapy:

I think that you're making the right decision. Being dumped sucks period, and there is no way around that. On the other hand, sticking it out with someone who you know isn't going to last just to "be polite" isn't really all that polite. Breaking it off as soon as you know is the politest thing you can do so she can find a better fit for herself. Because if you spend the holidays with her, she'll think that you're really serious about her, and dumping her after will be much more of a shock and heartbreak to her.

I would prefer to be alone over the holidays than with a man that isn't feeling it with me. I am alone this holiday season, and I know it's hard. But I would only want to be with a man that is crazy about me.

I also think you are doing the right thing because you mentioned how she talks about a lot of negative encounters with people, and nothing really positive.

You need a well-balanced woman who talks about positive things as well. Otherwise, you will be the "fix-it" man, and she will start coming to you to fix her emotional problems. You don't need this when you have an ex-wife to worry about and a child. Having problems here and there is one thing, but being negative most of the time is a different ballgame.

Good luck with everything, and I wish you the best on your journey of finding the right girl for you.


Hate to say I tol* you so. Sorry. Lots of luck letting go! Hope it *oesn't turn into a fatal attraction! Yikes!

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